There Was No Bending Of Rules, I Just Got Hung Up On.” In July This Year, The Uk Removed Its Three-month Abstinence Period For Gay And Bisexual Men Donating Blood, And Moved To An Individual Risk Assessment For All Donors, Regardless Of Gender Or Sexual Partner.

Danielle Wallace on 320 Luckie Street in Atlanta, marks the 80th officer-involved shooting statewide this year. An off-duty officer, who is employed in a reserve capacity for the Molena Police Department, which serves the small town about 60 miles south of downtown Atlanta, was working a second job for the parking enforcement company, ATL Plus, at the time.  AHMAUD ARBERY SHOOTING: MURDER TRIAL HITS SNAG DURING JURY SELECTION AMID VIRAL VIDEO  "The officer was sitting in his patrol vehicle when he was approached by a man who shot a firearm at the officer, hitting the officer in the url neck," home GBI spokesperson Nelly Miles said in a release Tuesday. "During the incident, the officer shot his firearm, hitting the man. The man died at the scene."  An off-duty officer working parking enforcement was sitting in his patrol vehicle when he was approached by a man who shot a firearm at the officer, striking him in the neck, state investigators said. The officer then shot and killed the suspect.  (Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI)) Agents on scene found the man who died in possession of a firearm, GBI said. State investigators did not immediately identify the man killed nor the officer, who was transported to a local hospital with injuries not believed to be life-threatening.  Sources told WSB-TV the officer and the man killed had gotten into a confrontation over a parking ticket.  "The preliminary investigation indicates there may have been some type of altercation between the two males that escalated to gunfire," an Atlanta police spokesperson told the Atlanta Journal Constitution .

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Kathy Hochul and Gov. Phil Murphy declared states of emergency for New York and New Jersey, respectively, as the storms approached. Flood-prone Hoboken was deploying sandbags throughout the city before the rain arrived, as the school districts for Jersey City and Paterson, New Jersey, closed schools for Tuesday, with no remote or in-person instruction. See a full list of school closures here. The MTA had already enacted a plan for the subway system, deploying hundreds of crews to more than 50 stations Monday afternoon to start the process of preventing potential flooding. NBC New York's Jessica Cunnington reports. The NYC Emergency Management Department is advising New Yorkers to prepare for potentially heavy rain by limiting travel and staying inside during periods of severe weather, but if one must travel, one should do so cautiously and not drive vehicle (or walk) into areas where water covers the roadway. Additionally, New Yorkers are advised to avoid open areas and try to seek shelter indoors during thunderstorms. Meanwhile, during periods of heavy rain, they are advised to seek higher ground, and if in a basement, to move to a higher floor.

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Natalist’s thoughtfully designed fertility and pregnancy essentials are the solutions that so many women are seeking," Cheek said. Since its launch two years ago, Natalist has progressively expanded its product line to support women's reproductive health, both online and in national retailers. The brand’s footprint has grown from 300 to nearly 6,000 brick-and-mortar locations in just the last year.  Natalist joins Everlywell as the second consumer brand under Everly Health’s portfolio of brands.  Earlier this year, the company acquired PWNHealth and Home Access Health and rebranded the parent company as Everly Health. PWNHealth and Home Access Health offer self-collected lab testing services. Those deals reportedly pushed Everly Health's valuation to $2.9 billion, according to Bloomberg. The company has raised nearly $325 million in funding. RELATED:  Ro will acquire women's health startup Modern Fertility in $225M deal As Everly Health, the company offers services including at-home lab testing kits and education, population-scale testing through a U.S.-wide clinician network, telehealth and a payer-supported/enterprise self-collected lab test. Sales of Everlywell’s Women’s Health suite of tests grew 350% this year, according to Jenifer Dasho, chief marketing officer at Everly Health and general manager of Natalist.  Both Natalist and Everly Health are led and founded by moms and advised by board-certified physicians. As part of the transaction, Natalist’s full team and executive leadership have joined Everly Health, bringing the company’s portfolio to four subsidiaries: Natalist, Everly Health Solutions (formerly PWNHealth), EverlyDx and Everlywell. “Natalist was created to serve people who are seeking modern, sustainable tools for conception and pregnancy. Everly Health’s full capabilities across testing, telehealth, and virtual care delivery will supercharge our ability to help people in ways we’re only beginning to explore,” said Vernita Brown, Chief Executive Officer at Natalist in a statement.

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Man donating blood Photograph: Alamy Last modified on Fri 22 Oct 2021 02.34 EDT When Toby Heiniger received a call in the middle of the night requesting he rush to Hobart hospital to donate blood, he didn’t expect the caller to hang up purely because of his sexual orientation. “I got a phone call at 3am and they said there’s an urgent need for your blood, can you come down to Hobart hospital, we’ll pay for a cab,” Heiniger said. “I said absolutely, I’ll be down in a heartbeat, but I’m a gay male … and I got hung up on. There was no bending of rules, I just got hung up on.” In July this year, the UK removed its three-month abstinence period for gay and bisexual men donating blood, and moved to an individual risk assessment for all donors, regardless of gender or sexual partner. It joined a number of nations including the Netherlands, Israel, Argentina, France and Germany to have abolished their ban on blood donations for particular groups since the pandemic began. But under Australian policy, gay men or trans women who have sex with men are unable to donate blood if their sexual abstinence period is less than three months. That period was reduced by the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood from 12 months earlier this year. A Lifeblood spokesperson said the organisation did not collect blood at hospitals in Hobart, nor did it contact people in the middle of the night and ask them to donate blood. “Any blood collected in Tasmania is tested and processed in Melbourne before being issued to hospitals,” the spokesperson said. Heiniger estimated he donated blood as a teenager more than a dozen times, before coming out as gay. Now 28, he found it “baffling” he couldn’t provide a health service because his sexual preference happened to be men.